The OnBikes Story

At Onbikes, we believe in fostering brighter possibilities and more connected communities, one bike at a time.

What we believe.

Do you remember the feeling of getting your first bike? It’s something that lasts a lifetime. Seeing it in the driveway or under a tree. The excitement as you ran to it and climbed onto the seat. Maybe you didn’t know how to ride it, but that didn’t matter. You were the proud owner of your very own piece of freedom. Your first set of wheels. The afternoon adventures created on bikes might fade into our distant memory, but they are never forgotten, and nothing brings it all back like taking one look at a child experiencing their first bike for the very first time.

We believe that it is our responsibility, as members of this community, to make sure that every child experiences exactly what so many of us did. We believe that something as simple as a bike can open a fresh and unseen new world to a child. Waking up a sense of freedom, self-reliance, and mobility. Not to mention a healthy love of the outdoors, which is more important than ever in a world dependent on digital devices.

What we do.

Based in Tampa, FL, Onbikes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that in collaboration with community partners, sponsors, and donors, paves new paths and unlocks new possibilities by donating bikes, facilitating corporate bike builds; building and maintaining bike share programs for underserved people; providing city-wide bike maintenance via our mobile bike pop up shop; and organizing large-scale community bike rides like our flagship event, the Winter Wonder Ride.

We are also dedicated to empowering people beyond Tampa Bay with the freedom to reach new heights and in turn, build stronger, healthier, and more equitable communities in cities nationwide. Reach out to learn how onbikes can help you provide bike access to your town.

The onbikes impact.

The premise is simple, the impact is huge: no child should be without the universal experience of getting their very first bike, regardless of socioeconomic status. Since 2011, Onbikes has built and donated over 10,000 bicycles to children, teens, and families in need. We collaborate with generous donors, county and city officials, family service organizations, corporate and community partners to raise funds to make our mission of bringing bicycles to kids a reality.

How it all started.

Onbikes formed in 2011 when a group of friends in Tampa, FL, organized a community bike ride during the winter holiday season to raise funds so at-risk kids could receive their very first bike. It was an incredible success that started as a way to raise funds and grew into a catalyst for community connection and generosity.

Since then onbikes has seen event attendance grow from just 150 riders at the inaugural Winter Wonder Ride to over 5000. Last year our annual Community Bike Build made it possible to assemble and donate over 1000 bikes to at-risk and foster kids; all in a single day.

Meet the team that makes it happen.

Onbikes is a movement and a lifestyle, made up of many faces, and many giving hearts. A few of the most involved are pictured here, but we are thankful to everyone who has helped us because every kid deserves a bike.


Julius Tobin
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Joel Gormon
Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors

Zach Mariacher

Elena Day
Vice Chairman

Deb Hargreaves

Rachel Conner

Jeff Lenderman
Board Member

Justin Nikolich
Board Member

James Alexander
Board Member

Julia Steinbrenner
Board Member

Nicholas Glover
Board Member

Rob DiGiore
Board Member

Tim Boynton
Board Member

Kara Arnold
Board Member

Scott Kilbourne
Board Member

Bardha Mamudi
Board Member

Jennifer Crabtree
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Frank Rygiel
Board Member

Elina Thompson
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